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Vital Information

- Checkpoints: Checkpoints have restrooms refreshments, food, sleep and shower facilities. (Except Checkpoint #5 670 km, Panorama Aksakovo, Varna: no showers there)
1. 198 km, Kazanlak. No Restrooms. It is a bike shop.
2. 276 km, Slivenski mineralni bani, Sliven. Motel and restaurant.
3. 401 km, Hotel Trapezitza, Veliko Tarnovo. Hotel in the center of the city.
4. 548 km, Isperih. Tourist House in the center of the city.
5. 670 km, Panorama Aksakovo, Varna. Tents. Fancy restaurant.
6. 735 km, Madara. Tourist House.
7. 922 km, Slivenski mineralni bani, Sliven. Motel and restaurant.
8. 982 km, Velodrome, Stara Zagora. Restroom.
9. 1215 km, Sofia: Finish.
- Terrain: The terrain is difficult. Be prepared for more than 10,000 m /30,000 feet of climbing (the "total" function of altimeters usually increases this value by 15%). Riders will encounter a 12% climb into Sliven. Be aware of bad road surfaces, most of it indicated in the cue sheet.
- Weather: June can be very hot - you may have 35-degree (C) days with sunshine. Some days it can be 20C degrees and rainy especially in the mountains. Nighttime temperatures may fall to 10C.
- Wake-up Calls: The SVS Staff Supervisor at any checkpoint will awaken a rider at a prearranged time. Tell us where you are located and what time you want to be awakened.



Detailed route description:

Exemplary description of suitable places for refuelling with water and food in the first/last 233 km.

km from the start:
82 km - town of Pirdop: shops with water and food
91.5 km - natural drinking water on the right
97 km - The Falls: small restaurant on the right
137.5 km - in the suburbs of Sopot: recommended restaurant on the left: cheap and tasty
142-145 km - downtown Karlovo: shops with water and food. Pavement is old and rude, be careful!
175 km - village of Tarnichene: recommended place for eat and drink on the left. Here one can taste the famous Bulgarian buffalo yoghurt
205 km - at the end of the town of Kazanlak: recommended place for eat and drink on the right. Here one can taste the famous Bulgarian tripe soup. Chicken soup there is fabulous too.

(Example for prices: soups range between 1 and 1.50 leva/DEM, main meal between 3 and 5 leva/DEM)

Detailed description of the entire route will be published soon.

Contact: Lazar Vladislavov, 2-B-15 Irechek, Sliven 8800, Bulgaria
Tele.: / Fax: ++359 44 37395, cell. ++359 88 708639
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